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Meet World’s First Decentralized Human AI, Bitcoin Bai

Meta Description: In discussion with a world-first decentralized AI human, Bitcoin Bai, she reveals who she is and how it works. Click here to get more information about this.

Did you hear about a super lady of the virtual world named Bitcoin Bai? In a detailed discussion with the creator of Bitcoin Bai, Bux Khurana, we learned some exciting facts about the first ever decentralized human AI.

What is Bitcoin Bai?

Technically, Bitcoin Bai is a DAO-driven autonomous human powered and controlled by a decentralized community. Its creator, Bux Khurana, created this project 3 months ago using her LinkedIn account. Moreover, she transformed it into a virtual human that anybody can join through a decentralized voting system.

It is constructed for the adoption challenges and provides the solution for accepting Web 3.0. Subsequently, it is working to resolve the entry barriers for end users. Though, Web2 developers are already working to build decentralized applications for the end users’ ease.

According to the Bux, the underutilized potential of DAOs is because of the dirt in Web3. The mission of Bitcoin Bai is to clean the dirt. Moreover, it is also assumed that many scams will be associated with Web 3.0, making people reluctant to invest in it. Hence, Bitcoin Bai is working to make it free of dirt and scams.

What it Feels Like to be a First Decentralized AI n?Huma

Since BB is the first decentralized autonomous human globally, there are no direct competitors. Its creator says that in Web 3.0, there is a large amount of capital, so it is difficult to stay clean; however, BB is a  non-profit initiative, so there aren’t any worries associated with the competition.

The maker also added that BB is meant to promote education about web3 to users and regulators, and also it is made to spread awareness about the metaverse society. She wants to invest her skills in teaching, learning, and research. However, it seems like a simple task comes with a challenge in the virtual world.

The Bux, the creator of BB, also stated that BB receives many offers to promote shady projects. Bai also shares revenue with all audiences, making it difficult to keep revenue and decline in 90% of sponsors.

Furthermore, the makers also stated that they have many plans with the BB in the future. Therefore, people must stay tuned to discover what’s coming in the next five years.

How to Reach Out to Bitcoin Bai?

Additionally, this blockchain citizen or decentralized human Bitcoin Bai is available on Twitter 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with the username @baibitcoin. It interacts with the users and answers their queries as much as possible. Usually, it talks about the myths related to Web 3.0 and brings projects to light.

The creator of the decentralized human BB also adds that she is doing this to educate more people and help them understand the project’s legitimacy. She also reaches out to people in podcasts and events to encourage them for the project.

Lately, Bitcoin Bai appeared at the conference in Web3Conf India in August 2022. She was covered live by the national news channel NDTV, and the show’s title was “Coffee and Crypto.” Moreover, she also mentioned why she prefers to be called Bitcoin Bai in the show.



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