National Bitcoin ATM

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 National Bitcoin ATM

The Bitcoin ATMs are not synced with your bank account. Rather
they are synced with your digital wallet to process your transactions and send
you Bitcoins. There are thousands of Bitcoin ATMs worldwide; however, most
are in the United States.

National Bitcoin ATM- A Brief Introduction

National Bitcoin ATM is one of the best Bitcoin ATMs in the United States. It
allows United States users to buy Bitcoin instantly while just registering
themselves on their platforms. There are more than 30 National Bitcoin ATMs
locations in different states of the US.
What are the Requirements for Purchasing Bitcoin from ATM?
If you are a beginner and don’t know how to purchase a Bitcoin from National
Bitcoin ATM, you must keep the following things in hand before performing a
Your Mobile Phone
For identity verication, the ATM will send a code to your authorized phone
number; therefore, keep your mobile smartphone in hand.
A Digital Wallet or Paper Wallet
Whether you own a digital or paper wallet, you must keep its information
accessible to enter the data.
Lastly, you must have cash in your hand to ensure your transaction is
completed correctly. The minimum amount required to purchase Bitcoin is $20,
while the maximum daily limit is $15,000.
Moreover, the National Bitcoin ATM accepts the denominations of $5s, $10,
$20s, $50s, and $100s. However, ATMs can not receive payment from debit or
credit cards.

Furthermore, if you purchase a higher amount of Bitcoin from an ATM, it might
ask you to show proof of your valid ID.
Buying Bitcoins from ATM- 7 Simple Steps
Since you know the basic requirements for making a transaction, here are the
simple steps you must follow to complete a purchase.

Step 1:

Firstly, when you see a screen of an ATM, you might see many promotional ads
and other relevant updates from the company.
Go ahead and tap anywhere on the screen. This will take you to the home
screen from you can click on ‘Buy Bitcoin.’

Step 2:

Now, the machine will take you to the screen to ask how much money you will
purchase. You can choose from $20 to $1000 if you buy in this range. Or else,
you move to another option.
Moreover, depending on the amount you are going to spend, these are the
verication criteria:
Use your registered phone number to purchase between $20 to $500.
For purchases between $501 to $2999, using phone number, PIN, and ID.
For $3000 to $15000, you will be asked for verication from your phone number,
PIN, ID, and SSN.
For more than $15000, send an email to their service centre to complete the

Step 3:

Since you have selected the amount you are about to purchase, the machine
will further ask you about your phone number. Enter the number and press the
hit button.

Step 4:

Once you enter your phone number, you will receive an SMS on your number
with a verication code. Enter the code on the machine and press continue.

Step 5:

The ATM will further ask you where you want to deposit your Bitcoins. If you
select the digital wallet, you can scan the QR code to get it deposited.
Alternatively, if you don’t own a digital wallet, you can select the ‘Create New
Wallet’ option, and the machine will print you a paper wallet.

Step 6:

Once you have chosen the wallet for your Bitcoin, the machine will ask you to
insert the cash into the machine. Start inserting the money into the bill
acceptor in the machine. With the insertion of every piece of money, the
machine will tell you the amount of Bitcoin you will be getting.

Step 7:

Now, click on ‘nish’ to complete the transaction. Now, you will receive a
receipt from the ATM stating the information about your purchase. It might take
15 to 20 minutes for the Bitcoin to reach your wallet due to network delay.
Demerits of Using Bitcoin ATMs
Though it is an easy and convenient way of buying Bitcoin through an ATM, it is
connected with certain risk factors, including:
Some Bitcoin ATMs may charge more than 10% of the transaction fee.
There is a minimum and maximum limit for buying Bitcoins from these ATMs.
Bitcoin ATMs are limited and not easily accessible to everyone.

Concluding Thoughts

On a concluding note, if you are willing to buy Bitcoins in a relatively private
space and high amount, you won’t mind paying higher fees. National Bitcoin
ATM is surely a secure place for you to buy Bitcoin.
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However, it is necessary to ensure the prices of Bitcoin to make a prot. 
can track Bitcoin Rainbow Chart to know its progress in the past months and
predicted prices in the future. With the development of cryptocurrencies in
recent times, it is a good idea to invest in Bitcoin as a source of passive income.



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